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Ningbo Goodvision Import and Export Co Ltd was established in 2010,located in National Hi-Tech Area,Ningbo,act as a top professional manufactuer of sewing thread and textile products enterprise.
The company has advanced Production equipment,superior production technology, And the selection of the best quality of low melting termofuse polyester Stple yarn and polyester continuous filament, strict screening system, to ensure the qualified rate of 100%. rich experience in production,stringent quality control system,effectively management sydtem,ensured to provide customers with best quality products.
The company has develpped a specialization,lean,international development strategy,the business philosophy is “excellent quality,individual provide individualization and diversslification products and service, we sincerely welcome old and new customers at home and abroad to negotiate for mutual business and investment cooperation. And seek common development.
Our factory mainly produce Sewing Thread, The Products are exported to East European,Protugal,Austrila,Spain,Thailand,South east asia,etc countries.
Our objective and service concepts:meet the market demands, wildly the business contacts.perfect the products and purchase the forever customs.
Welcome you to order with us!
Our main products we producing and on sale ,as following:
2.Polyester bag closing Thread
3.Spun Polyester Yarn
4.Polyester/polyester Core Spun Sewing Thread
5.Polyester/Polyester Core Spun Yarn
6.Polyester/Cotton Core Spun Sewing Thread
7.Polyester Bonded Sewing Thread
8.H.T.Polyester Continuous Filament Sewing Thread
9.Polyester Continuous Filament Texturised Thread
10.Polyester Continuous Filament Embroidery Thread
11.Prewound Bobbins/Cocoon Bobbins
12.Rayon Viscose Embroidery Thread
13.Metallic Thread
14.Nylon Sewing Thread
15.Aramid Fiber Sewing Thread
16.New Products(Denim Fabric)



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Email: export@ht-industry.com


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