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100% Polyester embroidery thread
Polyester embroidery thread
embroidery thread
polyesger filament embroidery thread
Polyester(FDY) embroidery thread
Quilting thread
matress thread

Our high quality polyester embroidery thread. Bright colors provide a high gloss stitch appearance. Three leaf high tenacity polyester material. Good sewing performance and joint performance. Excellent color fastness.
Fiber Type:fdy polyester fiber (tribal)
Construction: multi filament winding structure
Application: recommended for the use of children's clothing and sportswear.
1.Bright colors provide high gloss appearance. Three leaf high tenacity polyester material. Good sewing performance and joint performance.
2.Excellent wear resistance.
3.Excellent color fastness

1 provide 560 and Pantone license color matching color.
2 available: 3000yds, 4000yds, 5000yds, 1kg
3 all embroidered clothes should be washed with cold water heating and detergent, should be as little as possible to use bleach. Recommended light wash. Do not immerse embroidery cloth or in a wet environment will be stacked into a pile of. Embroidery can be dry cleaned. Do not use pre cleaning detergent.
4 for industrial cleaning of garments, the correct procedure shall be followed in accordance with the provisions of the international textile maintenance society.
5 provides the most common specification: 120d/2;120/3;150d/2;150d/3;300d/3, and applies to most apparel embroidery applications. Color fastness, high strength and wear resistance.

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