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ParaAramid Filament Fabric  
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Aramid Filament Fabric
Para Aramid fabric
1314 Aramid fiber composite fabric / woven
aramid 1414 fabric
military aramid fabric
Kevlar Fireproof Fabric, Kevlar Woven Fabric

Para Aramid Filament Fabric
1.aramid fabric is aramid filament by 1414 different weaving made, woven roving and special aramid fabric, used for aerospace, defense, military and other special industries. There are
2.main low weight Kevlar woven plain fabric, one of the plates of aramid fabric; non-woven cloth, UD cloth plates; aramid fiber unidirectional cloth, used by 0 degrees to 90 degrees latitude or single direction of high strength applications, such as structural repair, seismic reinforcement, building reinforcement, bridge reinforcement etc.; decorated with aramid fabric can also be woven twill aramid fabric and aramid fabric color.
3.aramid fabric used for bulk bulletproof vests, suits and explosive EOD suits, new armor and other military system.

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