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H.T.Poly Filament Sewing Thread  
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High Tenacity Polyester filament sewing thread
Polyester Filament sewing thread
Polyester continously sewing thread
H.T.Polyester filament thread
H.T.Polyester sewing thread
H.T.Poly Filament thread
Leather Sewing thread
Stitch/Quilting thread

A continous filament wound polyester yarn, designed for leather/car industry/sofa furture/outdoor sports
Item: High Tenacity Polyester Filament Sewing Thread
Spec: 50d-100d, 1-3 polied
Package:40g-1kg difference
Applicant: car,a filter screen,footwear,luggage and handbags,geotechnical fabric,special industry,outdoor products,shields/sling and a lacing
1.Have better UV resistance than the nylon or polyamide yarn
2.Good joint strength
3.Low moisture absorption
4.Excellent sewing performance
5.Provide natural color,white,black and color
6.Soft surface treatment

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